We are company authorized to audit of the financial statements, included in the list of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors under number 1930. To ensurethe high quality of our services, we have implemented a quality management system ISO 9001:2001.

We would like to offer you an annual audit of the financial statements as well as a consolidated annual audit of the financial statements with the help of newest financial revision methods and techniques, which are accomplished by our experienced statutory auditor team. Our audits of the financial statements are accomplished inn accordance whith the laws and professional standards.

  • Accouting Act dated 29 September 1994 (Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 152, item. 1223, as amended.)
  • Act of auditors and thier self-government, entites authorized to audit financial stataments and public supervision dated 7 May 2009 (Journal of Laws No. 77 of 2009, item. 649),
  • National Standards on Auditing,
  • International Accounting Standards / International Financial Reporting Standards.


As part of the contractofr auditing the financial statament we provide free consultations during the preparation and audit of financial stataments.


Audit of Financial Stataments Schedule

The annual audit is accomplished by us in two stages. As a result of the consecutive operation, the audit will be carried out smoothly and stress free.


Preliminary audit is carried aut after signing an agreement during the audit year. The aim of the study is to understand accounting systems, reporting and internal control, definition of difficult issues that may arise during on audit of financial statements and the part in inventory.


The proper audit is conducted within the time specified in the contract. Its prupose is to audit the company's sheet balance, volumes which make up the financial performance, sizes which are shaping the cash flows and changes in capital, data contained in the additional information and analysis of events after the balance sheet date.


After completion of works related to the audit, we propose a meeting with the board of the entity, which will present major issues arising during the proceedings.


The result of the completion of the audit of the financial statements are drawn up by the Statutory Auditor:

  • opinions
  • report
  • letter to the Executive Board, Letter to the supervisory board

Issued opinion with the report contains information about whether the financial statements are accurate and fairly and clearly shows the financial position as well as the audited financial results. The report also includes analysis of current state and suggestions for improvement.


The timing and scope of the audit we always try to adapt to customer needs. 

On request, we prepare a report and opinion in English and German.



Remuneration for audit of financial stataments will be proposed based on extent the work required to carry out.


If you are interested in our offer, please contact:


Phone: +48 74 851 76 55






Audytor S.A. provides the highest level of service, because employing a stable team of experienced staff-workers, from many years associated with the company. The main asset is our knowledge of specific charakter of many industries. We are a reliable partner with a stable financial conditions.

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