Tax Consultancy

The Tax Consulting Department in AUDYTOR S.A. Accounting Firm provides advanced tax consulting services and best legal solutions aiming at tax optimization.

Our clients benefits:

- tax risk mitigation;

- tax optimisation;

- prompt and professional tax consulting;

- updated information on new interpretations of tax regulations and court decisions.

We offer consultancy services in the following areas:

>> Local taxes (property tax, vehicles tax, stamp duty, etc.)

Accounting for new investments for the purposes of property tax.

>> Civil law transactions tax and inheritance tax

Optimisation of  structures/solutions for transactions that may be liable to civil law transactions tax, Consultancy on legacy/devise acceptance/rejection,  liability for inherited debts, disposal of estate, inheriting farms. 

>> Customs, excise and environmental fees

Identification of products that are subject to environmental taxes and fees, Drawing up INTRASTAT declarations. 

>> International taxes

Planning ownership structure that allows for minimising the dividend tax, Selecting the optimal legal form for a foreign investor in Poland from the point of view of taxation, Identification of tax consequences of international transactions such as license fees, charges for intangible services, interest and dividends. Foreign exchange aspects in international transactions (formal obligations, permits, reporting foreign investments and currency transfers).

>> Transfer prices

Drawing up, updating or revision of documentation of transactions with related entities prepared by a taxable person.

>> Mergers and acquisitions

Assistance in reorganisation processes to achieve optimal tax benefits.Giving opinions on tax consequences of company mergers, spin-offs, changes in legal forms, disposals, etc.

>> Protection of taxable persons’ rights and tax risk management

Concerning activities aimed at minimisation of tax burden and the risk that tax authorities will challenge the optimisation solutions applied by a taxable person, assistance in applying for tax law interpretation to the Minister of Finance.

>> Trainings

Periodical trainings on changes in tax regulations and controversial issues.


If You Are interested in, please contact us using our email:, or our contact page. We'll answer as soon as it possible (weekdays we usually answer the same or the next day after the thirst contact).

Audytor S.A. provides the highest level of service, because employing a stable team of experienced staff-workers, from many years associated with the company. The main asset is our knowledge of specific charakter of many industries. We are a reliable partner with a stable financial conditions.

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